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Kids Club enjoying the Tanga Beach Resort

Children and some visiting English Medical Students on Pangani BeachAziza omari preparing morphineHospice Driver by the Hospice CareParticipants and some Mentors at the first Toolkit Training in Tanga 2009First Tanga Region Palliative Care Meeting in January 2010

Typical meal for the Kids Club. Possibly the best they will have all week! Children enjoying Kids Club 2011 Fun in the sea at Karilyn's 60th Birthday party

Home visiting by palliative care team

Team visit to Patient in Story

Children with their "Family Tree" drawn at Kids Club

Day Hospice where house bound patients can have a day out, a meal and socialize.

Nellie from Korogwe with an outfit to match the Toolkit! Dr Helga Nnko who is currently doing a degree in palliative medicine from Uganda Mhoira Leng and Fran Ashby at the Training for Trainers held in Tanga in November 2012 The first Trial Toolkit training in Tanga in 2009Kids Club 2014Sara Higginson, retired social worker from St Michael's Hospice in Hereford, working with children at Kids Club October 2014Young boy with his "Hope on a rope ". Kids Club 2014Edgar the social worker working with Sara 2014