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  • End of Funding from the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund

    Since 2002, MHC has recieved generous funding from the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. They have been instrumental in shaping the service as it now is and have beenĀ  the encouragement that led to the roll out programme, and to getting palliative care into all of Tanga Region. Sadly the fund is closing in […]

  • Bathlomew Bakari to leave MHC

    Bathlomew started doing palliative care in Teule hospital in 2001 under the leadership of Dr Karilyn Collins. He gained a diploma in palliative care from Makerere University and in 2006, when Karilyn left Tanzania, he took over role of palliative care physician and led the team. He has been studying for a BSc in palliative […]

  • Retirement of Christopher Mnzava

    Christopher Mnzava has played an important part in Muheza Hospice Care from the start. He was chairman of the NGO from the beginning and on his retirement from being the DACC in 2004 he became the hospice administrator. He has been an inspiration to all the staff and we would like to thank him for […]

  • Muheza Hospice Care celebrates their 10th anniversary

    On 31st March 2012 MHC celebrated their 10th anniversary. The guest of honour was the Right Reverend Maimbo Mndolwa , Bishop of Tanga. Guests included Dr Sarah Maongozi from the Ministry of Health, Dr Elias Mganyisi from the Tanzanian Palliative Care Association and several other distinguished visitors. Pictures of the celebrations can be found in […]