Young people from St Michael’s Hospice visit MHC

In 2016 Edgar visited St Michael’s hospice and observed the work being done there for bereavement with young people. He persuaded Emma Speedy, the social worker to visit MHC in 2018 and see what was being done in Tanzania for bereaved youngsters.

In 2019 Emma led a group of 7 young people between the ages of 15 and 21, all of whom had experienced bereavement, to  Muheza for a 10 day visit to meet and work with the young people in Edgar’s group.  They were accompanied by Chris Smart who made a film of the trip.   This can be viewed below.

This visit was a huge success. As shown in the film, the UK youngsters hosted a trip to the beach near Pangani for the children and young people they had met in Muheza.  In addition to raising the funds to go on the trip the young people raised almost £7000 between them to help the general running costs of the hospice. More pictures of the trip can be seen in the gallery.